Regulatory Compliance

Providing Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Consulting

DEVAL provides federal, state, and local regulatory consulting on a range of loan portfolios, including:

  • Reviews for federal, state, county, and municipal high-cost and other threshold-based laws.
  • Test repayment ability, dollar, and percentage tolerances and analyze repayment ability and net tangible benefit issues where applicable.
  • Confirm whether material disclosures are properly provided, signed, and dated.


DEVAL’s services include:

  • Regulatory Loan Compliance Review
  • High-Cost Loan Analysis
  • Legal Document Review
  • Non-Performing Loan Review
  • Quality Control Review

At DEVAL LLC, we take pride in our expertise in providing comprehensive Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Consulting services. With a focus on loan portfolios, we meticulously review and analyze regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with federal, state, county, and municipal laws. Our seasoned professionals conduct thorough assessments, including high-cost loan analysis and legal document reviews, to confirm proper disclosures and adherence to regulatory standards. Additionally, our Non-Performing Loan Review and Quality Control Review processes further demonstrate our commitment to excellence in regulatory compliance.

DEVAL’s LLC Regulatory Compliance services extend beyond mere adherence to regulations. We offer proactive solutions tailored to mitigate risks and optimize compliance strategies. With our Regulatory Loan Compliance Review and High-Cost Loan Analysis, clients benefit from our meticulous attention to detail and depth of regulatory knowledge. Our Legal Document Review ensures accuracy and completeness, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in their compliance efforts. Trust DEVAL to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance with precision and professionalism.