Local & Municipal

Local & Municipal Sector

DEVAL collaborates with local, county, and municipal jurisdictions with the mission to facilitate the delivery of services to its residents. To this end, DEVAL offers a broad range of professional services to local, county, and municipal clients critical to their delivery of services to their constituents. DEVAL services to local clients cover several sectors such as management consulting, financial services advisory, real estate advisory, and affordable housing.

In the realm of local and municipal governance, the expertise of our team at Deval LLC is paramount. We recognize the intricate dynamics and unique challenges that local jurisdictions face in delivering essential services to their residents. With a deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks and operational intricacies at the local level, our team is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Our professionals bring a wealth of experience across various sectors, including management consulting, financial services advisory, real estate advisory, and affordable housing. This diverse expertise enables us to offer comprehensive support to local and municipal clients, addressing a wide array of needs and initiatives crucial to their constituents.

Furthermore, our collaborative approach ensures that we work closely with local stakeholders to understand their specific goals and challenges. By leveraging our expertise and fostering strong partnerships, we strive to empower local jurisdictions to overcome obstacles, maximize resources, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for their residents. At Deval LLC, we are committed to supporting local communities and helping them thrive through effective governance and service delivery.

Deval LLC Local & Municipal | Services

Some of the most high-profile services provided to state clients are:

  • Emergency rent relief program
  • Affordable housing subsidy analysis
  • Residential and commercial loan portfolio underwriting & due diligence
  • Financial administration
  • Community development block grant administration