Deval LLC | Grant Management & Systems Support

The Grant Process

With an unprecedented increase in federal funding being distributed to state and local governments, effective Grants Management is more vital to government budgets than ever before and a critical part of effective management of public funds.  Further responsibilities fall on grantees to manage their subrecipients and their use of grant funding.  DEVAL has extensive experience and expertise in the grant process, grant management, grant supervision and grant reporting requirements.

DEVAL’s Expertise

DEVAL’s expertise helps its clients in meeting and exceeding grant management requirements. Some of the services DEVAL provides are:

  • Pre-award assessments of systems, internal controls and structures
  • Preparation of policies and procedures
  • Grant Management
  • Preparation of Grant Support Documentation
  • Post-award audit of funds and end use
  • Report preparation
  • Close-out support

Grant management is not just about compliance; it’s about maximizing the impact of every dollar invested. At Deval LLC, our extensive experience and expertise in grant management and systems support ensure that our clients can navigate the complexities of the grant process with confidence and efficiency. Our team conducts thorough pre-award assessments, prepares robust policies and procedures, and provides comprehensive post-award audit support to ensure accountability and transparency throughout the grant lifecycle.

With Deval LLC by your side, you can trust that your grant management needs are in capable hands. Our proactive approach and attention to detail allow us to identify potential issues early on and implement effective solutions to mitigate risks and optimize outcomes. Whether it’s preparing grant support documentation or assisting with close-out procedures, our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients achieve success in their grant-funded initiatives. Choose Deval LLC for expert Grant Management & Systems Support and unlock the full potential of your grant funding.