Real Estate Portfolio Management

Combining Technology with Real Estate Portfolio Management Support

DEVAL offers loan analysis and portfolio management support for commercial, multifamily, SBA, and single-family loans.  Our team concentrates on enhancing the value of the portfolio, by preserving the existing income stream while minimizing losses.

Portfolio asset management consulting services include:

  • Due Diligence Services
  • Underwriting Services​
  • Property Valuation Review​
  • Data Analysis Services​
  • Document Review​
  • Non-performing Loan Review​
  • Regulatory Compliance Review​
  • Quality Control Review

D3 Secured: Real-time Real Estate Portfolio Management & Reporting

We have a proprietary, dynamic portfolio management system that allows for the storage and analysis of data received from different sources and the ability to generate reports and distribute them to investors quickly and accurately.​

D3 Secured has the following capabilities

  • Analyze data and generate reports based on individual or aggregated records on a per-user, or per asset basis, in real-time
  • Extensible and can include custom data for nearly any loan configuration imaginable​​​​​
  • ​Generate reports in a range of formats ​
  • Customize reports for use with third-party systems
  • Exchange all electronic data in to and out of D3 Secured through encrypted file formats​
  • Allows multiple agents at different on-site locations to enter a wide variety of information
  • Ability to run in a production environment with hundreds of concurrent users
  • Concurrent access and edit of over 100,000 records
  • Imaged documents can be associated with each record for automated indexing and retrieval by third party systems
  • Generate reports based on date ranges, asset category, underwriter, institution, and other categories

At DEVAL LLC, our experienced team specializes in Real Estate Portfolio Management, ensuring strategic decision-making and maximizing returns on your investments. With a deep understanding of the market and proven expertise, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients.